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Android app development tips Quick tips for new developers

For turning down your ideas into reality creation of an android application is the best idea. While developing an application there are some key aspects that need to keep in mind by the Google Android developer. For achieving the great height of success there are a few aspects that need to be cultivated and customary needs to follow them.

Here, we have shared a few tips that can prove to be highly valuable to look at at the time of android application creation.

1. Start reading more code

Every other developer is so deeply involved in writing the code, that they don’t feel to read the code written by the expert persons. By going through the open-source libraries you will start learning how to write clean and clear code. Adjacently, follow the guidelines as per the Android coding. Understanding the basic fundamentals of Java language will also ease in becoming an excellent mobile app builder.

2. Security should be a prime priority

Security is one of the most concerning issues for every android developer in today’s Cybercrime world. By doing testing of the application multiple times the bugs and errors can be completely moved to the trash. It results in a secured and protected website.

3. Follow the android design guidelines

There is a certain set of guidelines that need to be followed by every developer. By understanding the UI and UX designs you will be able to use and implement them in your created application. On the Google Play Store, there are about 2.2 billion apps. Making your app look distinguished should be your primary focus. With the leverage of a fast and beautiful user interface, you can create innovative designs.

4. Develop it for multiple devices

On a variety of devices and distinct sizes, the android application is running. It is not possible for the developer to individually check the application on each device. Thus, for maintaining consistency make sure that you are using density-independent pixels instead of pixels for the layout. By choosing the pixels the android will automatically calculate the right percentage of pixels for a specific phone device.

5. Optimization of the application

With the usage of unnecessary objects and variables stored the speed of the app gets degrades. Hence, it is vital to optimizing the application by refraining from the unnecessary space occupied. As there will be too many objects collected in the app. Soon garbage will be collected which will create hiccups when the user is accessing the application.

As the Google Play Store is full of application that has great reviews, ratings, and a huge number of downloads. Therefore, creating an android app that distinguishes itself from the rest of others requires something extra and unique features that fascinate the eyes of users.

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