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An Enviable Office Environment: The Secret to Our Productivity!

Atliq Technologies Office 307
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AtliQ has witnessed immense growth and success in the recent past. We have grown our family and added more than 20 members to the AtliQ family and we continue to look for new torchbearers to lead the team to greater success.

In this journey of growth and expansion, AtliQ hit another milestone and on the 1st of September 2021, we inaugurated our new office!

At AtliQ our aim has always been to create an environment and culture that represents our talent. We aim to create an open environment where creativity and productivity go hand in hand. Our management has always valued our employees and often advice them to participate in different activities, events, and even interact with each other to explore new avenues.


We love brainstorming sessions and potluck lunches! We celebrate all festivals and eagerly wait for weekly events like Wow Wednesday and Remarkable Friday, which strengthen our team bonds and envigorate us to do better!

All of these exciting tasks are impossible to enjoy in a drab corporate environment. To best support our vision and culture, we created an office space that would exuberate energy and innovation.

The Result?

Project 307.

Our new premises have an open space, comfortable seating, inviting decor and interesting books so that our employees can take a break from the screen, enjoy their coffee breaks and energize themselves as and when they feel the need!

We’ve always believed that our productivity is the direct result of our employees’ happiness and our new premises is a manifestation of that belief and our values.

Come in!

Be a part of this culture. Be a part of AtliQ!

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