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6 Steps to Increase Your Team’s Productivity

Increase Your Software Teams Productivity
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A productive team is a team that can deliver quality results in a minimum amount of time. Several factors contribute to this such as planning, internal communication, and division of work between people.

Here are some simple and highly effective tips to make your team more productive and goal-oriented:

1. Visualize Team Goals

Set goals for your team so that your team members can be more goal-oriented. Following are the tips about bringing team goals more into focus:
Provide them a clear understanding of the project requirements and the team goals to be achieved. This helps them navigate their tasks and set personal goals along with giving them clarity on what is expected of them.

Use appropriate project management tools that help your team see weekly goals with ease.

One thing that has helped me and my team is having daily scrum meetings to discuss the project status and address any difficulties that the team is facing.
In order to be resourceful, a team leader should help the team to create a workflow to track project progress and work in the direction in which the project is progressing.

2. Set Project Milestones

Make the team stay on track all the time by supporting them throughout their journey. Let the goals seem more achievable by breaking the project into milestones. Use these milestones as an opportunity to boost their morale by celebrating success every time they reach the set target.

Here are some easy steps to set milestones:

● Analyze and plan out how many tasks are needed to build up a milestone.
● Once the milestone is set, you can easily track the project progress.
● Celebrate with the team when they reach the defined milestone to boost their morale.

Celebrate Employeees Achievements - AtliQ Technologies

3. Celebrate Achievements

It is important to celebrate in the workplace. Celebrating achievements can boost confidence and increase motivation in the team.

Here is why this is an effective tactic:

● Celebration keeps the team confident and motivated to achieve the upcoming goals.
● It helps teams come together and get to know each other even better.
● Recognition helps motivate teammates to do their best and achieve better results.
Celebrating achievements is important for building and maintaining an effective, self-assured team and making your organization a great place to work.

4. Raise Workplace Morale
A positive and healthy work environment leads to higher employee morale and positive energy which reflects in their work.

Here’s how you can achieve that with ease:

● Make yourself more reachable to your team, set clear goals, and ask them questions and listen to their feedback.
● Stay positive and appreciate the employees who achieve their defined goals.
● Be transparent and practice effective communication.
● Offer employee growth by giving them a sense of purpose so they have a goal to work towards and something to look forward to.

Help Team Reach Deadlines - AtliQ Technologies

5. Help Team Reach Deadlines
Setting deadlines, working with the project timeline, and managing tasks efficiently. If you want a goal-oriented workforce, map out a workflow that helps them be on track with the project timeline.

Here’s how you can accomplish projects better with deadlines:

● Understand which tasks to be involved in and identify the tasks that need to be proceeded to meet the deadline.
● The deadline guidelines must include the buffer period, the time taken for each task.
● Keep the track of the project and make sure to prioritize the tasks.
● Provide necessary breaks to the team to increase productivity.
● Use the tools and resources whenever required to achieve the deadlines.

6. Good Work Environment
A good working environment helps the team to improve efficiency and productivity. Clear and open communication helps to create a positive work environment. A positive work environment creates a level of respect, empathy, and increases overall understanding between the colleagues.

Here’s how you can improve the work environment:

● Have effective communication with each team member.
● Regularly ask for their feedback.
● Have regular team-building activities to improve the bonding.
● Give teammates enough opportunities to improve their skills and strengths.
● Providing regular breaks will increase the level of confidence.

With sufficient trial and error and inferences, we have come to the conclusion that these pointers and methods help in increasing the team’s productivity which has not only helped us to deliver products faster but has also helped us stand out among our competitors.

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