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4th Annual AtliQ Town Hall Meet

4th Annual AtliQ Town Hall Meet

The First of Its Kind

18th April 2022 was not a regular Monday for AtliQers. It marked our 4th Annual Town Hall Meeting. And it was the first one we held outside the office premises. Kicked off with an energy-boosting dance, the event was a fun-filled one with a lot of appreciation and promotions.  

For many of you, town hall might be a new term. AtliQ town hall is the gathering where everyone comes together to know about everything that has happened in the organisation. These meetings serve as an open book to the new joiners and let them understand the journey so far. Also, it allows the employees to understand the happenings and how their growth has contributed to the process. The main purpose behind these town hall meetings is to sow the seed of trust and faith in each employee. When the employee believes that the company is growing, he/she believes in their individual growth too. When we have different departments, it becomes a tedious task to keep everyone updated with the achievements and drawbacks. Such gaps are bridged in the town hall meetings. The agenda remained the same as our previous town halls- a brief overview of both departments’ performance, followed by the overall company’s growth goals.  

Tracking Over Progress 

Atliq technologies Tracking Over Progress

As an ever-growing company, the town hall is not just another meeting where we talk about how well the company performed. But rather we make sure to highlight the failures too. When the failures come to light, it attracts different solutions and suggestions from the team too. One representative from each department presented the progress made in the last quarter of the financial year 2021-2022. The key statistics from the engineering department are: 

  • Successfully completed 5 project updation 
  • 8 ongoing projects 
  • 2 inhouse products 
  • 4 prospective projects in the pipeline- all from varied industry 

Our digital team onboarded 12 new clients, along with a 70% client retention rate. While we did amazingly well overall, one of the major milestones we achieved was entering the video editing segment and increasing the team. 

Even though we achieved a good benchmark, we could have reached it sooner if we tackled our mistakes more effectively. We did face issues in timely delivery, which was a result of a lack of proper research beforehand. The biggest drawback we faced in the last quarter was not being able to set up a fully-functioning data team, which was one of the major goals discussed in the last town hall meeting.   

The team is everything. We together make the dream team, while we still dream to grow our team bigger. And we are already making a significant impact on it. Evident enough, we grew into a team of 80 in March 2022, which a year ago was at a count of 52. 

When you have a team of people fighting for your vision, the monetary advantages are an add-on. Amidst everything, we successfully reached a 196% YoY revenue growth. Hiring more talents did add to our expenses, but we know we are investing in the finest minds who vouch to deliver the best.   

Rewarding the Remarkables

Post a delicious lunch, was our R&R- Rewards and Recognition ceremony. Other than immediate appreciation, such acknowledgment boosts the spirit of the employees. 

The performers’ awards were given out to the employees for their exceptional contribution to work. Though we know everyone has been doing exceptionally well, these are the ones who brought in out-of-the-box inputs. The awardees are:

Other than the obvious concrete benefits, internal promotions bring in a lot of benefits. Internal hiring saves a lot of money & time invested otherwise and is also less risky compared to external hiring. Plus, when we know we have the best managers already, why would we be looking somewhere else. Our employees are motivated and their morale stays high when they see growth opportunities within the organisation. This town hall witnessed one of the highest numbers of promotions, which are as follows: 

Apart from these two, special appreciation awards were also mentioned. Towards the end of the R & R ceremony, a new initiative was announced, which was setting up different committees as employee representatives. Three main committees will be effective in action, which are- General Committee, Creative Committee, and Technical Committee. These committees will act as the bridge between the management and the team in resolving any concerns or implementing any suggestions for the betterment of the employee welfare and work process. 

Party Time 

4th Annual AtliQ Town Hall Party

Wait, wait, wait. AtliQ event without any games? Just never happens. Different fun games were planned to build team bonding. In the game- Identity the person showcased how well the team knew each other. The teams were supposed to identify the team members based on the given clue. Number Line was a game that tested spontaneous thinking and team handling skills. Every team was given a set of digits, which they had to arrange according to the number displayed. It was tiring, chaotic yet fun. Other than these, few individual activities made the mood light.  

When in Vadodara, no event is complete without Garba. Even though we danced our hearts out for the Bollywood beats, nothing can match the energy that spiked up when everyone went “oh hove hove”. Being the first outside office premises, this event turned out to be an eventful one. This is just a start, as we look forward to many more to happen on a grander level. We look forward to making every dream shared in the meet to make it happen.

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