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Leave Policy for Employees

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There’s an old saying which goes- “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Our leave policy is such that it allows our employees to take days off when they need to and attend social events, take vacations or spend time with their loved ones when they need to. 


We provide a total of 39 leaves according to our HR leave policy in one year. These are divided in Paid leave, Sick Leave, Birthday Leave etc.

The employee is required to submit a prior application for leave and they can use their paid leaves when they need. Whether it is a medical or personal emergency, a vacation, or simply time to relax, we never reject leave applications unless absolutely necessary. 

Employees are also entitled to a special Birthday Leave in a year

How It Has Benefited Us?

Providing ample leaves and a special birthday leave has helped us walk the walk and create an environment with a better work-life balance. This helps employees relax and recharge when necessary and it increases their work satisfaction and overall work productivity

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