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AtliQ Technologies: The Tale of Two Countries!

AtliQ was established in 2017. A company surely ages differently than any person would, but we’d like to think of ourselves as a four year old child-

The one that’s learnt to walk without tumbling, but surely loves to run free.

The preschooler, who has so much to learn, and holds an almost infinite capacity to do so!

The kid that’s just learnt to speak and use words, but will baffle you with their questions!

The one that’s bubbling with curiosity and can still make you wonder at their imagination!

It’s an age of immense potential, wouldn’t you say?

When we first started out, we dreamed of achieving success on our terms, in our own way.

We envisioned a future, that we are already living in so many ways-

A culture that enticed onlookers and contented the team members.

A portfolio that showed our ability to enable budding business owners take charge of their growth.

And a presence that transcended borders and industries.

We’re pleased to announce that as AtliQ Technologies enters its second orbit as a company, it boasts of a team of over 60 people (who are eagerly looking for more teammates), an unparalleled culture and is registered in the subcontinents of the United States of America and India.

With our instrumental insights, meticulous research, and immaculate delivery- we’ve served an international clientele belonging to over 10 different industries. We’ve not only delivered crisp codes, attractive interfaces and favourable results, we’ve invariably delivered customer delight.

Our expansion is the result of continuous hard-work and diligent efforts. We’re now a multi-national IT company with humble origins and greater ambitions!

And here’s what we’d like to say for ourselves- “This is just one more thing off our bucket list. We’ve only just begun and there’s so much that needs to be done! So watch out for this space and sharing in our joy as we continue to achieve more milestones!”

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