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Digitalizing Education


Industry: Education

Key Technology: React Native, NodeJs

The Project

An ed-tech portal where everything is digitalized, from conducting classes to assignment submissions. A system to eradicate pen and paper within the education ecosystem, especially during online classes.

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Solution Offered : App Development, Product Development

Technologies Used :

MySQL (ORM-Prisma)


Full Stack
Software Engineers






Months of

Key Features

Google Classroom Integration

STEMboard is 1 of the 80 applications integrated with Google. Adding STEMboard to a Google classroom is as simple as one click. Easily assign tasks and receive student work on STEMboard through Google classroom.


The advantage of STEMboards virtual whiteboard is that one can receive authentic student work on assignments and provide students with targeted feedback on their math processes.


The major issues with integrating online and offline education were time management & task completion flexibility.

It was difficult to track how the students solved their assignments.

There was no way to store all assignment-related data with access to both students & teachers.


Assignment upload

Create assignments that will support student learning before they enter the classroom and easily upload them from Google Drive, a cell phone, or a personal PC to Google Classroom.


Students can use their finger, stylus, or text tools to complete and submit assignments on the whiteboard. Teachers receive the assignments and provide detailed feedback on the same, directly by marking student work with corrections and necessary improvements. Students could access it and implement the feedback to correct their assignments.


Teachers are able to do and undo student work to see the order in which students wrote on the assignment, giving teachers a play-by-play of the process students used to complete each problem. Teachers can see students’ work in the exact process and correct their work and accurately complete each problem.

Digital Folder

Students and teachers have access to assignments and solution work stored in the STEMboard app- FOREVER!

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