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Pre Lease Properties

The purchase and sale of commercial property is a complicated and time-consuming process.

Moontower Tickets

The traditional way of purchasing tickets for any small or midscale event requires the customer to travel to the actual place where the event will be held, stand in queue, and purchase the ticket.


Bleef is a mobile application for discourse management through which people of different gender, sexuality, and race can share their discourse of commercial or public places that they visit in the United States of America to indicate their comfort/safety.


This application is a one-stop connecting point for the teachers, parents & students. This application became the perfect solution for all educational institutes, by making everything digital & providing ease of use.

Set For Marriage

We developed ‘Set For Marriage’ a social media application to enhance user experience through social interactions, chatting as well as “matches” for better compatibility.


Pfinite is an inquiry and process management product that can be helpful to the stores, repair centers, and service centers to manage different types of work like inquiry, inward-outward processing, task assignment, and tracking routine tasks.

Pikit With Friends

The client envisioned an app that would assist people in making excellent decisions in their daily lives as well as critical life decisions by leveraging their network of friends, family, coworkers, and others.


The client wished to create a social network centered on food.


The client wanted a product that helped tutors and students connect, schedule, and conduct classes. Digitally through a single platform.

Athlete Mentor

Athlete Mentor is a platform for high school and university students looking to get into a Volleyball sports college program.

Remedy Space

Remedy Space is a place to acquire and share medical-related knowledge. The highlighting features are feeds, forum, like, share, follow, and trending posts based on their liking and preferences.

La Benito

La Benito is a system that will help restaurants to optimize and control their restaurants. The system setup menu online and the customers easily place their orders from the app.
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