Tanuj Joshi - Intern at AtliQ


Tanuj Doshi

Tanuj loves fast food and cannot resist the temptation of trying a new food joint. He loves scrolling through social media to find the best posts and memes. Tanuj is a sharp shooter and wishes to expand his network, skill set and communication skills in the near future. He also wishes to own a beautiful home one day. When he is low, Tanuj reminisces the days he has spent in his hostel with his friends.

Tanuj is a big fan of south indian movies and spends most of his leisure time watching them. When he isn’t engrossed in these action packed movies he plays table tennis. He is inspired by this beautiful prayer- “ may god grant me the serenity to change the things i cannot change, courage to change the ones i can, and wisdom to know the difference”.

Tanuj is very enthusiastic about learning new things and always wants to explore new technologies. He strives for better health and wishes to go to the gym on a regular basis for the same.


Tanuj's Profile

  • April’21 to Present – Software Engineer at AtliQ technologies
  • Dec’20 to April’21 – Intern at AtliQ technologies
  • Summer’19 – Intern at Appsvolt Ahmedabad

Tanuj is a quick learner and always puts his best foot forward. He is curious and gentlemanly, making sure he lends a helping hand wherever he is.

  • Laravel