Sufiyan Software Engineer


Sufiyan Gani

Sufiyan is a level-headed individual who focuses on the quality of his work and improving results. His goal is to become a better programmer with each passing day and he wants to ensure he has good health and is fit.

When he is on leave, Sufiyan loves to wake up late, play cricket and savour delicacies. He looks forward to long weekends where he can relax and spend some alone time. The one thing that propels him forward is the thinking he is better today than he was yesterday, pushing him to work harder. He enjoys being a part of the AtliQ team.

He believes- ‘simplicity is the key’, in programming and in all aspects of his life. He wants to use technology to fight climate change and promote rationality. He loves watching and playing cricket


Sufiyan's Profile

  • Jul’20 to Present – Software Engineer at Cloint LLC
  • Mar’19 to Jun’20 –  Software Engineer at Infobizzs Pvt Ltd.

He is a smart and dedicated teammate, who always has insightful inputs. He is sharp and will make sure that his team can rely on him for any requirement. He skillfully addresses all his tasks.

  • Laravel