Shourya Pratap Bhadauriya

Shourya is highly motivated and finds himself experimenting with some or the other technology every day. He is an accomplished volleyball player and has represented IIT Ranchi in the past. He dreams of polishing his technical skills to perfection someday. If he’s ever stuck in a rut, he motivates himself by thinking about his passion and interest in his field of work.

Whenever Shourya has idle time, he spends it playing volleyball or video games, watching movies, and learning something new about technology. The quote that best describes his spirit is one that Shourya often repeats to himself, “difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.” Shourya feels supported and motivated here at AtliQ technologies.

A humble person and meticulous person, Shourya is a sociable introvert whose taste buds are always in search of spicy food. He is a perfectionist and a team player who loves to play volleyball and cricket.


Shourya's Profile

  • Aug’20 to Present – Intern at AtliQ Technologies
  • Mar’20 to Jun’20 – Intern at Dojo Sports

Shourya is a sharpshooter who can find his way out of any situation. He is helpful and reliable, known for getting the job done on time.

  • React Native