Shikha - Software Engineer


Shikha Kejriwal

Shikha is a dedicated developer who spends every waking hour surrounded by her gadgets and good food. She is an ambitious person and dreams of owning a car and having a seven-digit bank balance someday. When Shikha is having a long day, a long drive never fails to uplift her mood.

In her free time, Shikha spends hours watching new releases or scrolling through her Facebook timeline. Whenever she is low, she remembers her favorite mantra, which is “Never stop chasing your dreams”. When she is working, Shikha is motivated by the transparency and work hierarchy at AtliQ.

An optimistic individual, Shikha, looks positive in every situation. She is a good listener, observer, and friendly introvert. All her endeavors show her commitment, discipline, and strong work ethic.


Shikha's Profile

  • Aug’20 to present – Web Developer at AtliQ Technologies
  • May’17 to Nov’19 – Junior Web Developer at Unified Infotech

Shikha is a very polite and optimistic person who always sees the glass as ‘half full’. She sees the good in people and her kind nature adds to the positivity in the office environment.

  • Laravel