Sanika Tomar

Sanika is a welcoming person and with a contagious smile. Her days are dull without her family, a game of basketball or moon-gazing. Her aim is to prove her worth and become an asset to this organisation. She intends to live a happy life and get acclamation for the work she does.

She is drawn towards various fields such as astronomy and Hindi literature. She enjoys cooking in her free time. Her zest for life can be summarized by her favourite quote- “the moment you are living now, is the biggest moment of your life”. She looks forward to the lunch hour interactions with her teammates.

Basketball is at the top of the list of things that give her joy. She’s always ready for a game and is fond of Hindi literature, astronomical books and her versatility is the source of her success.


Sanika's Profile

  • Jul’20 to Present – Business Analyst at AtliQ Technologies
  • National basketball player
  • Member of youth parliament (2012-13)
  • Training and placement coordinator in college.

She is a very sweet person and can easily give someone a pep talk when they need it. She is quick witted and will never miss a chance to come up with an impressive jest. She is always up for a fun conversation.

  • App data
  • Content creation
  • Project modules