Rishabh - Software Engineer


Rishabh Domadiya

Rishabh is a career-driven and ambitious employee who aims to become a full-stack developer someday. He loves his family, work and the game of cricket, things he cannot end his day without. He values determination and dedication in his fellow teammates and wishes to inculcate the same in his work.

Rishabh believes that every good deed he does, finds its way back to him and that is what motivates him to put his best foot forward. He loves cricket and gaming, and usually starts his sunday with these things. He loves meeting his friends and indulging in ‘chaat’. His biggest inspiration is his father who is his role model.

For Rishabh, cricket has been his love since childhood and will remain so through his life. He is a music lover and never gets enough of his Spotify playlist. He believes “Change begins when your comfort zone ends!”


Rishabh's Profile

  • Jul’20 to Present – Software engineer at AtliQ Technologies

He never fails to add a fascinating perspective or input to any conversion. He has a youthful zest that makes the office space a little more lively and he makes his teammates laugh on numerous occasions during the day.

  • Laravel