Rahul CTO


Rahul Gavande

The most enterprising collaborators in the organisation, Rahul has been known to envision the most innovative technological solutions that aid numerous enterprises such as marketing, retail and e-commerce. His forte is the identification of challenges that most people face everyday and recognising the role that technology can play in tackling them.

Rahul’s mind is a perfect amalgam of market trends, consumer behaviour and programming methodologies to create the right products. His aim is to create solutions which are compact, efficient and cost effective.

Rahul is a vibrant person with a knack for various disciplines such as physics, astronomy and travelling and has an insatiable appetite for entrepreneurship, which fuels his passion for all his undertakings.

Our senior technician Rahul is a music lover. His motto is ‘maximum work, minimum time’. A jolly person, his quirky habits include collecting chocolates. He stays updated with his dynamic industry.


Rahul's profile

  • Jul’20 to present  – CTO at AtliQ technologies 
  • Jan’17 to Jun’20   – CTO at Infobizzs Services Pvt. Ltd.  
  • Sep’09 to present – CEO at Leecorn Incorporation 
  • 2009 cofounded   – Leecorn Incorporation

His colleagues describe him as an innovative person who is equally receptive, making his guidance pivotal to all those that look up to him. His vast experience is a great resource for all his team members who always learn something from their interactions with him.

  • Laravel
  • Zend
  • Codeigniter
  • Spring boot
  • Java servelet
  • Lumen
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Shopify
  • Cakephp
  • Sso
  • Outh
  • Mysql and maridb
  • Cloud develops
  • Hybrid mobile app
  • React js
  • Vue js
  • Backbone
  • Smo
  • Seo, Ppc, Ppa, Ppl and many more