Nikhil Ailani - Intern at AtliQ


Nikhil Ailani

Nikhil is a vibrant person and loves to spend time with his family or discovering new cuisines. If there is one thing Nikhil really wants to achieve in this year, it’s making new friends and connections that will help him in the future. He dreams of always levelling up and achieving more as time passes.

One thing that never fails to cheer Nikhil up is good music. He tends to spend his free time watching shows, trading stocks, hanging out with friends or sleeping. According to him Alchemist is the most inspiring book he has come across.

Nikhil believes data can change the world and also believes in living life to the fullest. He is a machine learning enthusiast, an art lover, an ambivert, who works in silence for most of the day.


Nikhil's Profile

  • Summer 2020 – Intern at AtliQ technologies

Nikhil is calm and composed and always meets his deadlines. He is eager to learn and gladly takes on new challenges.

  • Laravel