Marina AtliQ Client

Business Ally - USA

Marina Hatzidakis

Marina is a natural in the event and design industry.  Her friendly and enthusiastic personality, along with her attention to detail, has helped contribute to her success in creating client satisfaction.
Marina has a passion for hospitality and service, which she realized from her experience as a designer and event planner in Greece coordinating employee family events and hosting social occasions for international clients.
Marina is also a restaurant design specialist with a family background in the restaurant industry. Captain James Landing, a landmark in Baltimore, has been in her family since 1978, and has earned the name “most unique eatery in Baltimore City.”
She has ubiquitous experience in concept strategies, event planning, interior design, marketing, and business operations. Marina’s skills extend to coordinating large events and creatively transforming spaces with the ultimate goal of turning her clients’ visions and stories into reality.