Mahavir - Software Engineer


Mahavir Vataliya

Always in the quest to learn more, Mahavir cannot spend a day without seeking out new information or working on a code. Mahavir wants to expand his expertise to the kitchen and learn how to cook. Someday Mahavir wants to start his own tech blog and watches webinars and technological seminars looking for inspiration.

He is an avid reader and never misses a chance to read articles on medium. He also loves watching sci-fi movies. Swami Vivekananda is one of his inspirations in life apart from his beloved mentors in the office, where he enjoys the freedom to explore and implement new technologies.

Ironically, Mahavir is our well-known quiet guy. He loves to stay updated and read informative blogs, articles, specifically about IT related topics which is why he is always full of energy and ideas.


Mahavir's Profile

  • Jul’20 to Present – Software Engineer at CLOINT LLC
  • Jul’18 to Jun’20  – Software Engineer at Infobizzs solutions Pvt. Ltd.

He is a teammate who will never turn down work! He’s always looking for new opportunities and his hardworking nature always helps his teammates feel more relaxed and assured that they will be able to meet any deadline.

  • Php
  • Laravel
  • React native