Khantil Sanghani - Intern at AtliQ


Khantil Sanghani

Khantil is a religious person and finds comfort in his prayers everyday. He is a foodie and is always looking to try new dishes and food joints. He is an enthusiastic learner and wishes to expand his knowledge and master as many skills as possible. Whenever Khantil is having a bad day he turns to religion for some guidance and solace.

Khantil is a gamer and loves to play games on his devices. He is always glued to his mobile screen for the same reason. He is inspired by the life of his religious leader- Mahant Swami Maharaj. Khantil is inspired by the culture at AtliQ.

Khantil loves coding and his goal is to become a better programmer with each passing day. He likes to do religious activities in his free time. He focuses on the quality of work and learning things.


Khantil's Profile

  • April’21 to Present – Software Engineer at AtliQ technologies
  • Dec’20 to April’21 – Intern at AtliQ technologies

Khantil is very curious by nature and always looks for a new challenge. He takes his time to understand things but is quick to implement them.

  • Dot-Net, Django