Software Engineer


Jayraj Rathwa

A tech lover, Jayraj cannot spend a day without his phone, computer and the internet. He considers himself a beginner and is committed to gaining as much knowledge as he can. He wishes to master new skills such as fluent communication.

He looks up to established tech giants such as Elon Musk and believes that there is a lot to learn from his life. Rewatching episodes from shows he loves is his go-to pick me up. He spends his weekends surfing the net, watching shows and reading books. He takes pleasure in spending time with his family, including the one at work.

He is a curious mind and is intrigued by new technologies. He always wants to explore new things. He is our organisation’s sports star and has played at the national level in the sport of Archery.


Jayraj's Profile

  • Apr’21 to Present – Software Engineer at AtliQ Technologies
  • Jul’20 to Mar’21 – Software Engineer at Cloint LLC
  • May’20 to Jun’20 – Software Engineer at Infobizzs Services Pvt Ltd.

His teammates describe him as a humble person, who will never fail to gather new information from any interaction he is a part of. Most of his teammates describe him as a dedicated person and a quick learner.

  • Web Development with  Frontend technologies Vue.js
  • Angular and API development with Node.js