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Jahnvi Patel

Jahnvi is a formidable member of the team and was promoted to product owner in less than one year. She values her personal space above all but is a team player and loves hanging out with her friends. She works hard and wishes to reach a level of financial freedom where she won’t have to look at the price tag before she buys something.

Travelling is something Jahnvi is passionate about and she spends most of her free time listening to music and watching regional shows. She is an enthusiastic participant in all the office activities which she enjoys thoroughly.

Despite being a computer engineer, Jahnvi detests coding and aims to pursue an array of opportunities. She is inquisitive and loves to write and enact stories. Her pervious nature helps her succeed.


Jahnvi's Profile

  • Jul’20 to Present – Product Owner at AtliQ technologies
  • Apr’19 to Jun’20  – Product Owner at Infobizzs Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • May’18 to Apr’19 – Quality Assurance Engineer at Infobizzs Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Promoted as a product owner in less than a year
  • Co-founder of INP
  • Conducted seminars in two well known colleges Parul and SVIT

Most teammates find it very easy to trust her. She has become their go-to person in no time, as many of her colleagues describe her as a dependable person. She treats everyone equally and is kind towards one and all.

  • Coordination between teammates and the clients.
  • Selenium automation testing
  • Laravel dusk testing
  • Katalon