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Himani Trivedi

Writing is Himani’s calling and she dreams of being a published author someday. You won’t find her without a notepad, earphones and her phone. Her other goals include improving her Gujarati, and getting rid of her social media addiction. Whether it’s a tiring or taxing day, one thing that instantly cheers her up is dog videos.

Himani is an artist at heart and has tried her hands on everything from rapping to drawing comics. She loves reading come-up stories, her favourite being the story of a comedian named Tiffany Haddish. She’s always counting down to lunchtime, waiting to talk about various topics.

As a voracious reader, she can be found squinting to read the fine print on everything from online blogs to Shampoo bottles. She is a cheerful person, who will not miss a chance to make a new friend.


Himani's Profile

  • Jul’20 to Present – Content Writer at Atliq technologies
  • Jan’20 to Jun’20  – Freelance Content Writer
  • May’19 to Jan’20 – Invennico pvt. Ltd.

Himani likes to know each and everyone and will easily mingle with anybody. She will readily help anyone who needs assistance and will always make sure she includes everyone in her interactions.

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  • Content Curation