Hardi Patel

Hardi is a homebody who loves spending time with her family. She is ambitious and wants to expand her horizons by learning how to adapt to different work environments. She is easily motivated and believes in the power of having a positive attitude.

She spends most of her idle time making artwork and meditating. She is motivated by the famous quote- “until the lion learns to write, every story will glorify the hunter”. She looks forward to finding a good environment to learn at AtliQ.

Hardi is an easy-going, jolly person who likes to bring a smile on everyone’s face. She is friendly and has counselled over 40 people. She has an artistic eye and expresses herself through her artwork.


Hardi's Profile

  • Jan’21 to Present – Digital Marketing Intern at AtliQ Technologies
  • Aug’20 to Dec’20  – Intern in Marketing and Advertising Department at Salam studio and stores

Hardi is proactive and quick to take any responsibility. She is quick witted and is a fast learner who is eager to work on any project.

  • Adobe Illustrator