Darshan Beladiya - Intern at AtliQ


Darshan Beladiya

Darshan is a straightforward person who loves to talk about technologies and coding. He is very practical and wants to work for a startup before entering the corporate rat race. He wishes to travel the world someday and improve his lifestyle.

If Darshan ever needs cheering up he talks to friends. He loves travelling and spends his free time exploring new places. On his leisure days he looks for ways to travel or learn about something new.

Darshan loves to play with algorithms and hopes to make a code that he is remembered for. He is always interested in learning new things, exploring the world and entrepreneurs’ stories like Elon Musk.


Darshan's Profile

  • April’21 to Present – Software Engineer at AtliQ technologies
  • Dec’20 to April’21 – Intern at AtliQ technologies

Darshan is sharp and likes to learn new things. He is inquisitive and can be seen asking the right questions to better understand his tasks.

  • Java ,Php ,Python ,Django ,Angular ,Node