Amitoj Intern


Amitoj Singh

Amitoj is an Internet fanatic and cannot spend a day without his gadgets and the internet. He is also a nature lover. He is a sharpshooter with very straightforward goals- he wants to keep learning new technologies and get a Ph.D. in a technical subject someday. A challenging code never fails to cheer him up.

He has numerous hobbies such as photography, video and photo editing and PC gaming. He spends his leisure time listening to music and relaxing. One of his favorite motivators is a quote- “infinity never ends”. He loves the supportive environment and the patient mentoring he receives at AtliQ.

He is a goal centric person at work, and people-centric in social environments. He loves learning new things. He is interested in technological developments and loves using the latest gadgets the most.


Amitoj's Profile

  • Aug’20 to Present- Intern at AtliQ Technologies

Amitoj is quick to understand requirements and works hard to help his teammates achieve their goals and targets in time.

  • Flutter
  • Java Core
  • Python