Akansha - Business Development Executive

Business Development Executive

Akansha Vijay

Akansha is an adventurous soul and loves to listen to music, meet her close friends and travel. Learning new things motivates her and she wishes to learn graphic designing and learning to play the guitar. Her goal is to become an independent business consultant so she can spend quality time with all those around her.

She loves children and has to try hard not to squeeze them to death when she hugs them. She spends most of her leisure time driving around with loud music and enjoying different types of delicacies. She is drawn towards art and believes it helps her create things that are true to her.

Akansha loves the process of ideation and creating Business strategies. She enjoys analysing business requirements and providing the best solution. She is self motivated and always seeks knowledge.


Akansha's Profile

  • Oct’20 to Present – Business development executive at AtliQ Technologies
  • May’19 to Oct’19  – Business Development Executive at SoftTechies
  • April’18 to March’19 – Business Development Executive at Dots And Coms

She is a sweet person who takes time to mix with people. But when she does, she adds to the cheer at work and always lends a helping hand to anyone who needs it.

  • Marketing, Project Management, Account Management or Client Relationship Management, Business Analytics