SMS Campaign System

Making products or offers reach to a wide mass of audience is what this system is all about. SMS Campaign system is a tool for advertising or marketing for making offers viral and making them reach to potential customers. This system is all about text messages or multimedia messages being received on phones through this system. It supports the concept of promotions. Can be deployed in grocery, food industry and many more.

-Prime Features of System

Bulk customized SMS and MMS
With this SMS Campaign system, bulk customized SMS and MMS can be sent to a large group of audience. This improves the efficiency and productivity of the employees as information is sent within just a click.
Digital Method of Advertising
Rather than going for the traditional method of advertisements, digital method of advertising can prove to be really beneficial on pockets.No more need of paper advertisements.
100% Reach and high speed of information transfer
The SMS Campaign system has a higher reach and a high rate of information transfer. It can make advertisements reach a large mass of audience within a few hours. Moreover, the delivery rate is 100% (i.e) all the subscribed group will get the message.
Easy to use system
The SMS Campaign system is easy to use the system, running advertisements is not at all a strenuous job. Thus the system can be said as a highly reliable system.
System For:
Retail, Education, Health
Technology Used:
Web Frontend and Backend - Laravel
Development Time:
28 days
Team Size: