Customer Feedback System

A customer feedback system is a well designed and well-optimized system for gathering reviews of the customers as well as for an in-depth analysis of customer’s choices, opinions and their behaviours.

-Customer Feedback System consists of the following features

Flexibility to add or remove segments depending upon the organization
An e-feedback form is generated from the organization to take reviews of its customers. The system is designed as such to rate different segments of the service which includes the ambience, the quality, the behaviour of the staff, the cleanliness or any other such facility. Various different aspects can be added depending upon the organizations and reviews are collected from the visiting audience for the same.
Highly Secured System
Admin has all the authority to give access to the users he trusts the most. Here the users refer to the members working together which includes the staff, the managers or the bosses. The admin has all the right to add members of the authority, thus making the system much more reliable and secure. The staff once given access gets their personalized user login. Lifetime records of staff along with their work are kept secured.
Track of Daily or Lifetime Visits can be maintained
The system is useful to track the daily records or visits of customers or a lifetime record of customer visits so as to have an overview or analysis of their services provided by the particular organization or any improvement in the same if required. Birthdays, Anniversaries or special days of the customers are kept intact so as to include any provision of special discounts or any offers for the customers on their special days.
Feedback or overall experience of the customer can be reviewed from the user’s end
With this system, the efficiency of the organizations can be improved as a notification is generated alerting the authorized users if the rating comes down to below 3 stars, thus the user can contact the customer directly for any feedback or improvement in the service. A smooth system of reviewing the functioning of the organization can be achieved with our system.
System For :
Technology Used:
Web Frontend and Backend - Laravel
Development Time:
22 Days
Team Size: