Customer Analytic System

Customer Analytic System is a software that can be used to measure the behaviour and the choices of the customers through surveys or feedbacks. Customer Analytic system is a customer oriented system for improving the services or the products for better management of the organization.t can be deployed in any industry including food industry like restaurants or grocery industry and many more

-Prime Features of Software System

Offers for the customers through the app
Through our Analytic system, the cost of SMS and MMS is reduced, as the offers can now be promoted through the app
Feedback generation and Survey form facility
Through our system, a feedback and survey form is generated which can be used to take the opinion and choice of the customers in order to ensure smooth functioning of the organization.
Interest-based product requirement request generating system
In this system, product based, interest-based requirement is generated automatically into the system based on the surveys and the feedback.
System For :
Restaurants, Resorts, Service Provider
Technology Used:
Web Frontend VueJS, Backend - Laravel
Developement Time:
33 Days
Team Size: