June 3, 2019

VisaPro 360

VisaPro is an all in one software designed for all the visa clients to manage their services in one platform. It is a highly versatile system for an organization.

Service Provided: Software Development



Developement Time


Team Size


Web Application


Advisor To Do

System For

Immigration and Visa Consultancy

Technology Used

Web Frontend and Backend - Laravel

Prime Features of VisaPRO 360 Software

  • Secured system

This is a highly secured system wherein the admin only has the authority to add users. Added users get their personalized access with all their details and work being secured from other users and visible to the admin or the ones authorized by the admin.

  • A master system for managing the inquiry, follow-ups and scheduling the inquiries
Our system consists of a well-designed master system that can manage all the inquiry details, followups as well as for scheduling those inquiries. A profile is created for the inquiry listed with all the details of historical background and the past events. Different branches can update the system accordingly. The inquiries once generated can be followed up and tracked as per the requirement.

The inquiry generated can either be registered or cancelled. The dashboard feature of the system can be used as a tracking mechanism to know the due and scheduled follow-ups or scheduled inquiries.

  • An inquiry is scheduled in the name of the registered counselor based on their free date and time slot
The system is designed so that the inquiry can be assigned to the counselors by the authorized users depending on their free date and time slot. The counselors will get notified as a reminder on their profile. This increases the efficiency of an organization and helps in hassle-free maintenance of the leads.
  • Report generation as well as bulk Import
The system provides the option of Report generation on the basis of academic details or personal details or inquiry generated through any reference. Report generation is one of the most useful features of our system wherein all the data can be effectively analyzed and can be used for planning the future of the business. It can be used to fetch the details of profit areas and the working efficiency of the employees.

For better offline convenience, excel sheet can be uploaded and details are fetched from the sheet to further update the system.