June 3, 2019

Task Management

Taskpro is a task management software that replaces the older ways of managing multiple manual works. The software is built on Cloud-based technology platform.

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Web Application


Task Management

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Immigration and visa consultancy

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Web Frontend and Backend - Laravel

Taskpro is a task management software that replaces the older ways of managing multiple manual works. Our Taskpro management software is built on the Cloud-based technology platform. With the access of the Taskpro management system every employee who is working in an organization is able to view their pending tasks, list of jobs completed by him in the entire (day/month/year) and the total work assigned to every individual. On the basis of priority, the preference order of completing the tasks can be altered by the employer or by any other upper authorized staff member who has the permission of assigning the tasks. Adjacently, there is an announcement feature also in the system through which all the assignments overview can be briefly showcased.

Some Exciting Features of Task Management System:

  • Notification Alert
All the new activities related to any project that was assigned to a particular employee can be easily checked.
  • To-Do List
On the basis of preference and priority the employees and employer can put the projects in the concerning order. It gets easy in knowing the foremost concerning piece of work to be completed.
  • Tracking of Projects
The progress on every project can be viewed by the employer. The project details and other activities relevant to it can be shared with a group of people who are involved in it.

Benefits of Using Task Management System

Saving Paper
By availing the task management system the entire paperwork will get eliminated. There will be no longer any requirement of creating the circulars and passing them in the entire office. All the vital announcements and significant things can be easily shared through this set-up.
Easy to Handle
As all the work can be online review and examined, it becomes quite easy for the employer to track the work status accomplishment as well as the individual efficiency of employees. It saves a lot of time of employees from doing manual work.
Accessible on Every Device
You can easily access the task management system either on the laptop or mobile phone. The task management system is available as a mobile application as well as a web-portal. By seating at any location of the world, you can easily access the Task management system.