June 3, 2019

SMS Text Service System

We have created an automated text-messaging solution for two-way interaction. The text messages are immediate & less intrusive than phone calls.

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SMS Text Service System

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Web Frontend and Backend - Laravel

We have created an automated text-messaging solution for a two way interaction. The text messages are immediate and are less intrusive than the phone calls. Through our build-up SMS service system automatic messages can be send and responses can be quickly collected from every store.

We have developed and integrated two SMS services in one system for the ease of use, feasibility and convenience.

Prime Services of The System

Daily SMS Service
For the proper record of every store opening time an evidence in the form of SMS is being send for confirmation. If the SMS is not send on the due time then it is predicted that the store doesn’t gets opened on that specific day. It assist in maintaining punctuality and discipline.
Every Hour SMS Service
For the daily sales record every hour one SMS is generated and send to the upper authorized person. In the composed SMS all the significant details are being displayed such as total number of opportunities that arise within an hour, number of sales and overall profit generated. It gives an overall transparency in the intact system.

Some of the Prime Features of our SMS Services

It’s is very easy to send the SMS from one point to another by logging into the system. Only by clicking on the SMS send button, the SMS is delivered to the recipient. The entire list of SMS delivered and the SMS that are initiated by the system but not delivered can be viewed. It gives a transparency in the entire operating system.
Centralized Communication
For all the communication regarding the sales of which device, opening and closing of store and many other things, the SMS services through the software are reliable and all the database can be easily stored. With the leverage of this SMS service, automatic messages are being quickly send and the entire processing becomes consistent and well-organized.

The developers and programmers at AtliQ have a vast experience in creating scalable and customized software solutions. For more details of our SMS service software get in touch with our team of executives today.