June 3, 2019

Remedy Space

Remedy Space is a reminder app which reminds you to take the right medicine at the right dosage at the right time and keep track of your medication.

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Developement Time


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Mobile Applicition


Remedy Space

System For

Medical/health networks and Pill reminder. Used by all the people to gain and share the medical related knowledge.

Technology Used

Mobile application - React Native ( Version 0.61.5); Backend (API) - Laravel framework (Version 6.18.2, PHP Version 7.3.1), Python; Backend (Web) - Laravel Admin (Version 1.7); OCR - Tesseract, OpenCV, Firebase MLKit (Firebase/MLVisionText Model); Database - MySQL (Version 8.0.18); Aws S3

Brief idea

Remedy Space is a handy medication assistant which reminds to refill the medicine and keep track of all your medicines. The app helps to keep a record of how many doses have been taken at the right time.

It is very easy to access the benefits of this app you just have to add your medicines by scanning the prescription or filling up an add medicine form manually and you will receive notification of the time and the dosage of medicine.

Scanned prescription reduces your effort to always remember your medication. With the increase in the number of medicines, the chances of keeping track of the medicines become more difficult and turn out to be dangerous sometimes.

There is always a possibility to consume the wrong medicine on wrong time or consuming the same medicine several times.



  • People used to forget to take the right medicines at the right time in the right dosage.
  • Patients, children and senior citizens sometimes fail to remember whether they took their medicine or not. This led them to repeat their medicines as well as at times skipping the same.
  • It was hard for patients to remember when to stop medication.
  • Keeping track of prescribed medicines was turning out to be a tedious job.
  • People tend to forget when they need to refill their medicine.


  • The app allows you to add and manage medicines and get notifications to remind you to take the right medication at the right time in the right dosage.
  • You can edit your medication schedule, add new medicines and remove existing medicines.
  • It gives you a full history of all medication and keep track of your medication schedule through analytics.
  • Analytical report is received for data of every medicines intake, skipped and scheduled.
  • People can easily add a refill date at the time of adding their medicine and get a refill reminder on that date.


Remedy Space is an app developed to provide medical assistance to remind people of their medicines. Our development team worked with the medical industry and worked on different techniques like OCR, image processing and new libraries like tesseract.

They also explored more about HIPAA Compliance which protects the patients sensitive data.

As a part of Remedy Space offline, we learned about how to manage users data offline. Managing medicine history and scheduling future notifications appeared to be a challenge but then we resolved it by intelligently scheduling notification. We integrated marketing and tracking API “Adjust” and also integrated facebook analytics.