June 3, 2019


Procure Box is an application to maintain all the records of the organization as well as clients by eliminating human efforts and bringing in digitization.

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Developement Time


Team Size


Web Application



System For

Indane Distributors and Customers - Zomato, Dominos, Swiggy, Oberoi, Rebel foods

Technology Used

App - React-native, Laravel for api and Laravel Admin for web

Brief idea

Indian Oil Corporation Limited(IOCL), known as Indian Oil and is the largest commercial company in the country. It is an Indian government-owned oil and gas company. It has subsidiaries in different countries which are Sri Lanka, Mauritius and the Middle East.

IOCL owns Indane, Liquified Petroleum Gas(LPG) and it is the second-largest LPG marketer in the world.

The first Indane LPG was introduced in 1965 at Kolkata and began operations with two dealers one in Kolkata and the other one Patna. Indane has 9100 distributors in more than 6250 towns and has 45 Indane Area Offices.


  • All the work carried out by the organisation or the client used to be recorded manually
  • In doing the work manually, a wide percentage of labour force, time and organization resources are being used. It leads to unnecessary expenditure of finances and amenities.
  • Keeping a record of accounts was turning out to be a tedious job, moreover there was no proper log of payments.
  • It was getting difficult to keep records of monthly distribution of cylinders i.e. how many cylinders are being delivered.
  • Proper tracking of the daily activities and detailed insights of a sales cannot be fetched up effectively. All the activities of the organisation such as placing order used to be carried out by verbal communication.


  • All the work was digitised and can be operated from laptop/computers and are role-based.
  • Order can be traced based on proper hierarchy. The respective authorities can keep track of the orders.
  • It became easy to maintain the accounts, whether it is of stores or the company.
  • Keeping a record of orders became easy as concerned person receives notification for the placed, delivered and pending orders.
  • It is possible to keep a proper track of daily activities and obtain detailed insights into sales. All activities such as placing and tracking orders are now digitized and streamlined.


Procure Box is a web-portal as well as a mobile application for connecting the commercial gas cylinder consumers with their local area distributor.

With a vision to solve the real-time problem through an actionable solution, Procure Box fixes out the issues of working manually through an online portal.

Through the shared access of an online gateway between IOCL, many clients and Procure Box, the booking, tracking and delivery of gas cylinders has become a quick and hassle-free process. Having a dynamic team of 15 + employees engaged in the activities of supervision and backend, Procure Box has delivered a smart solution for its consumers.