June 3, 2019

OSI Visa Enquire

OSI is one of the leading companies dealing in the business verticals of immigration and visa consultancy.

Service Provided: Software Development, Digital Marketing, Business Consulting



Developement Time


Team Size


Web Application


Smart Process Tracker

System For

Immigration and Visa Consultancy

Technology Used

Web Frontend and Backend - Laravel

Brief idea

Outsource India is one of the leading companies dealing in the business verticals of immigration and visa consultancy. The organization has its representative offices established in Australia, Canada and New Zealand and have their local branches located at Ahmedabad, Anand, Baroda and Visnagar.

All the major VISA services such as PR, Student, Spouse and Visitor Visa are being delivered by them.

Adjacently, OSI also offers matchless training for cracking the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) examinations. The organization is actively engaged in all visa processing services from 2012.


  • Gathering the data from distinct employees and working from different locations was a very troublesome and stressful job. It becomes very challenging and breath-taking work for both the employer as well as employees.
  • Taking follow-up from the customers and resolving their issues on time, is a very active and vigilant task that requires 24×7 attention.
  • Proceedings for VISA and PR process is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Properly managing and retaining the documents of every individual client becomes a problematic task.
  • Due to poor management, earlier the employees were not assigned daily tasks. It affects the productivity of the organization.
  • No annual, quarterly, monthly or weekly reports were generated on which the analysis for loss/profit percentage can be calculated. It can lead to certain controversy and no future planning can be done.
  • Tracking up all the financial activities and maintaining accounts such as bills, payment, fees from the client, payroll of employees and various other aspects needs to be taken care of. A single digit difference can create huge problems.


  • The role-Based task Management system was developed which is and it made the work more efficient and increased the productivity of the organisation.
  • Conducting and managing the meetings became easy by scheduling it.
  • Creation of task/subtask, assigning of tasks and scheduling task is now available to make work easier.
  • As a result of task system tasks can be tracked down i.e. who is doing what.
  • Users(ADMIN) can customize their email notifications.
  • Announcements can be made to all the employees resulting in decrease in one to one conversation for conveying any message.


Smart Process tracker was developed to balance the requirements of the client.

Managing task was very tiring job and to track down every employee and regulating their work was very becoming very difficult.

The proposed system was also developed to increase the productivity and enhancement of communication. Client was proposed with the project to make their task management easy so that they can assign and track all the assigned tasks.