June 3, 2019

Gurbani Darpan

Gurbani Darpan is an app which provides Gurbani recital in a series all over the world which includes Sehaj Paath and Santhia of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.

Service Provided: App Development, Marketing Campaign Management



Developement Time


Team Size


Mobile Application


Gurbani darpan

System For

Religious practices

Technology Used

Mobile App - React Native, Web Backend - Laravel, Frontend - VueJS

Brief idea

Gurbani Darpan was designed to provide an effortless virtual tool to augment Gurbani recital all over the world.

The series of videos has been catalogued and recorded with conventional pronunciation, pauses and punctuation to put it together for the better comprehension of its meaning and recitation of Shabad/words being read.

The extract of each word is put on the screen along with the appended punctuation marks.

The Search and Bookmark functionality of the App permits you to complete Sehaj Paath and Santhia of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji at your own tread and handiness.

The added punctuation marks are not a part of the actual text of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and have been added to make it easy to figure out pauses and meanings of Shabad lines for a common person.


Gurbani Darpan is accessible on various media platforms but to fetch the videos from YouTube and develop an app was a tough job to execute. Our team created a pipeline which uses youtube API to download the video. Downloading the video is not a predicament, to keep the video sequential was a task and it involved mass conversion API which can convert videos into streamable videos. The videos were 1400 in number and each video was having size more than 200MB which makes the conversion and streaming difficult.


Gurbani Darpan was an altogether advanced learning for our team.

We have worked on different projects but working for a religious project was a new experience and our team gained knowledge in remarkable fields like video streaming which exposed them to diverse areas and tools which they have not explored.

Initially they delved into the YouTube API’s and Google App Engine to have in-depth knowledge for the further actions.

To fulfill the client’s objective we gained an understanding of scraping videos, conversion of mass videos and placing the videos in sequence. The availability of videos and content in right sequence played a major role in this app development as the videos won’t be able to justify the needs if not placed in the right manner.