June 3, 2019

Advisor To Do

Advisor to do is a helping hand to financial firms for their digitalisation and to reduce the human efforts along with the customization for clients satisfaction.

Service Provided: Software Development, Logo Design



Developement Time


Team Size


Web Application


Advisor To Do

System For

Financial Advisors

Technology Used

Web Frontend - ReactJS, Web backend - Laravel

Brief idea

Advisor To Do is an app that provides assistance to financial firms in becoming digitised along with the customization.

It reduces the workload of human force by reducing the need of manual work. Initially financial firms used to do and manage their work manually.

In performing the task manually, advisors sometimes used to miss certain tasks or tend to forget to follow the fixed procedure.

This app made the work easy for the management and it also exposed the financial firm with customization.


  • The advisors used to perform every task manually. In performing the task manually advisors sometimes used to fill certain
  • details of the client and the chances of data loss was there.
  • Keeping a track of which advisor has to do what was a tedious and difficult process for the management.
  • There was no tracking of whether the financial firm advisors are using a fixed step procedure or not when they are meeting the client. Every advisor needs to follow a fixed fixed procedure but due to the natural flow of communication, they tend to forget it sometimes.
  • If the advisor has to perform the same task again the employer has to explain them again.


  • We provided them the app which was digitized and it eliminated the need for manual work and it reduced the efforts of management.
  • We introduced the task module to keep track of the work performed by the advisors. It helped management to know which advisor is doing what.
  • The template module aids the management to get a clear scenario of whether the advisors are using the fixed procedure or not. This reduces the chance of missing out any details or fail from following the procedure.
  • The template consists of different tasks that can be allotted directly to the advisors and there will be no need to allot tasks differently.


While developing Advisor To Do our development team learned different processes of the financial domain which was a very amazing experience and wanted to explore more about the industry for a better understanding. The team was very excited to develop SAAS products because some of the team members were not having any prior experience in developing the SAAS products.

The proposed system was also developed to increase the productivity and enhancement of communication. The client was proposed with the project to make their task management easy so that they can assign and track all the assigned tasks.