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Data Analytics & AI

While data is the most powerful tool a company can possess, it is important to utilise it correctly to create a coherent and intelligible database in a shorter time duration. AtliQ’s data analytics and AI solutions implement accurate algorithms to arrive at the intended result.

With the help of data analytics companies, you can automate entry-level tasks to reduce the workload on your employees or curtail your business’ dependence on monal oversight for various tasks such as communication and data entry- allowing quicker solutions and responses with greater accuracy.

Ai in data analytics creates highly effective and accurate action-oriented systems. It is the strategizing tool that provides the highest return on investment.

Our result-driven custom
Data Analytics and AI services

Whether you have a start-up or an established business, our expert team can provide custom software solutions that are suitable for your enterprise.

Financial Analytics

Data analytics companies can help you keep a track of your finances and understand the profitability and financial performance of your organization without the need for manual oversight or expert intervention which leads to greater productivity and ROI.

Customer Analytics

Data analytics can be employed to understand customer behaviour to make custom marketing campaigns, improve products/services and manage customer churn rates. This makes marketing efforts more effective and saves energy and time.

Sales Analysis

Data analytics companies can help analyse sales and products which helps design pricing strategies and churn rates and also conduct competitor benchmarking to carve your niche in the market. This helps better position your products and accelerates the success of the product.

HR Analytics

Even in office spaces and large corporations, HR can use it to monitor different departments and measure their performance to better manage employee satisfaction in their organization. This helps effectively create a more accommodating and productive work environment.

Manufacturing Analytics

Analyzing the throughput and manufacturing chain effectiveness to ensure optimal usage of equipment, energy, etc helps the organization save money in the long run as it increases efficiency. This helps businesses save costs and increase profitability.

Supply Chain Analytics

Data analytics can help understand the inventory and supply chain to better assess the demand and better understand inventory requirements and prevent stockouts and other supply chain risks. This helps businesses smoothen out their processes with minimal oversight.

Data Analytics Project Lifecycle

We employ best practice processes and development methodologies as a foundation for rapid building of cutting-edge technology solutions in a structured and methodical way.

Data Analytics and AI Life cycle at AtliQ

Analyzing the business and its needs to determine the required data analytics services.

Collecting exploring and preprocessing the available data to make a useful data set for the project.

Analyzing and observing the data to draw parallels and connections that will help establish the model.

Processing the data to meet the business requirements including testing, training, and production.

Deploying the project in a controlled environment to test the outcome before fully releasing it.

Why Choose AtliQ

Whether you have a start-up or an established business, our expert team can provide custom software solutions that are suitable for your enterprise.

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360° Approach



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