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Go-to-market Strategies for Your Mobile Applications


Did you know a couple of years back there were approximately 1800000 apps on the Apple App store itself! Forget the count including the ones on android and windows. Now, what do these statistics mean to you? It’s simply a reminder of the competition out there. 

Building an application is not the final step but just the beginning of a new adventure. While the application-building process in itself was a tiring task, its ultimate goal is to reach the end-users and gain market share. Any mistake during the initial stage of the launch can become harder to resolve if left unseen. That’s why it becomes important to conduct a crystal clear mobile app market launch right from the first step. 

Here’s our take on the to-go market process, which will make your application to heights. 

  • Research: Nothing can go right if you lack proper research. The market is already saturated with apps, many of which might be similar to yours. This is why conducting market research becomes inevitable to differentiate your application in the market. Through research, you not only know about your target audience but also about the other leading apps in the niche. Even though it is advisable to conduct primary research, you can gain quality insights from secondary research too. 
  • Beta- Testing: Consider launching an invite-only beta launch: Using this tactic holds a great success rate. Along with creating an exclusive product buzz, it also gets you feedback from a varied set of users. This feedback acts as an easy way to identify and fix bugs and UX/UI problems before the actual market launch.                          
  • Consider Cross-platform application launch: The digital world is no longer stuck with one platform application building. It is important to be available across multiple platforms, to expand the market reach. Cross-platform apps are not only a way to increase the market reach, but also are more cost-effective in the long run.    
  • Plan your social media: While the actual launch might be days far, claiming the social media accounts starts beforehand. The best use of social media before the application launch can be showcasing the app development and the USPs. You can also use social media to redirect the users to download the app. Social media can be a good place to represent the mobile app developers and the audience the final product & get suggestions on UI/UX improvements.
  • App store optimization: App store optimization is different from search engine optimization. The former aids the mobile app to get discovered on the app stores, by optimizing the title with relevant keywords. Also, make sure to fill out the relevant categories while submitting the app on different application platforms. Clear screenshots of the app will also help the optimization process. 
  • Leverage your network: Do reach out to other application developers who might have created applications that could complement the one you developed. Try to establish mutually beneficial co-marketing strategies that will help both apps gain more install rates. If opting for this, make sure you partner with the application with good ratings. Also, you can reach out to your professional network and seek their help to promote the application.    
  • Plan your paid advertising: With a constant update of the google algorithm, one might gain organic reach during the application launch. However, complementing it with paid advertising during the launch week can gain more search traction. 
  • Define Success: Last but not the least, define your success. Plan some SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals, while planning your application launch. Your goals can be anything from active install rate, retention ratio, ratings, revenue generated, etc. 

What makes us different? We not only help you with the product development, but we also help you market the same. Our venture Ideatick, 360° Marketing Agency will be the best support for your marketing needs. We not only plan a product launch but make sure that you retain the users for the long haul. In short, we not only make your app, but we also make sure that we make it reach your target audience. We are excited to make your app come to life.

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