How Wow Wednesday Activity is important for employees

In every organization, management thinks about keeping their people busy with their work which is a basic requirement of any organization. But why do we need to keep them busy!

“It’s not enough to be busy…The question is: What are we busy about?” – Henry David Thoreau

If a company believes that working from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm is enough to produce the desired outcome then they are wrong. How much productive hours your people work matters the most. Now the question arises on how to assure maximum productivity during their regular working hour.

We have attempted one approach to reach this milestone and we are glad that we can see expected productivity in a team. We took an initiative to start a concept named “Wow Wednesday”.


Every Wednesday, we engage in a one-hour game session where the Game leader will arrange various games which are divided into two categories:

1. Warm-up game: This session is conducted for a duration of 15 minutes where all the members of the team will play small warm-up games. This is just to prepare them and make them comfortable so that they can get into a zone where they are excited to participate in the main activity.

2. Main Activity: This session is planned so that it does not exceed the time limit of 45 minutes where the person conducting the game will explain to them about the game, its rules and show them a small demo too. All the employees are divided into different teams. To follow and respect our Indian tradition, we have given team names like Narmada, Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Mahi, Tapi, Kaveri, etc. Every team consists of one team leader who is responsible to make sure who will start the game, game plan and strategies. The teams are provided with all the necessary objects which are required to start a game. There are two supervisors who closely monitor entire gameplay. After the entire play, the Game Leader will declare the winning team of the day.

We have played different games till date and some of them are:

Food Bazigar: In this game, all the team is given some amount of money and has been allotted one hour, they need to decide some unique dish amongst themselves visit the nearest market and shop for some ingredients with which they can make their unique recipes.

Story Teller: The human mind is very creative and we try to bring out every creative idea from each employee and this game serves the best for our purpose. In this game, the team is given some key points based on which they need to make a brief story that must contain all the key points in a creative way.


Slide Show: This game reflects the understanding level and the way a person can perceive the images. In this for each team member, there will be one slide displayed on the screen and they need to explain it. In the same manner, it is displayed for each team member and each one of them needs to explain their part. All the images have one concept needs to be explained by them at the end of all the slides.

Blind Fold: In this one team member from a team has to blindfold on his eyes. He stands on the starting point from where he needs to reach the endpoint after crossing all the hurdles placed in his/her way. The rest of the team members will guide him/ her for the entire path through some hints. He/ she needs to follow those hints and needs to reach the endpoint and find the hidden object.

Quicker: It is the game that increases the thinking power. Each team member will be given one object and they need to explain that object in some creative manner like “Pen is not an object used for writing something but it has power. When someone signs a cheque, the paper becomes valuable.

We have played several games. The list is endless and honestly, we love each activity and the moment we spend together for fun and knowledge.

Benefits of performing different activities together :


  1. People get connected to each other
  2. Leads to better communication with colleagues
  3. Helps in Improving coordination
  4. Brings out a solution to many problems
  5. Boost creativity and thinking abilities
  6. Teach the benefits of working in a team.
  7. Time and resource management
  8. An effective way of having fun

Conclusion: We are very happy to incorporate “Wow Wednesday” as it helps to increase the productivity of the organization. We do not consider this one hour as a waste of time rather we consider it as “Our Great Investment”. Our people feel happy and more energized after such activity and we can see significant improvement in their overall skills.