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Building social media applicaion

Building Social Media Applications @ AtliQ

Social Media is a word that requires no introduction. With the growth of social media, the world has become a small village that is connected within a matter of a few fingertips.  The Rise of Social Media Undoubtedly social media has changed our world. Right from accessing news, reserving tables…

An Analysis of App Analytics

An Analysis of App Analytics

An application also referred to as an app, is a software package that performs certain functions for an end-user. It is either self-contained or a set of programs. A mobile application is a software designed to run on mobile devices.   It is a very known fact that value creation for…

UI/UX trends you need to keep an eye on

UI/UX Trends You Need to Keep an Eye on

UI and UX are most often confused terms in the web & app design field. They are usually placed together in a single term, and thus when viewed from the surface they seem like describing the same thing. Generally, it is hard to identify a solid description of these two…

Software Engineer Vs Software Developer

Software Engineer V/s Software Developer- Pick What Suits You

While these two job profiles sound similar, their approach to computer science is different. Often even the individuals in computer programming interchange these terms, and even titles and job posts are switched.  Who is a Software Engineer? A software engineer is one who applies the principles of software engineering for…

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